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Flannery Beef Prime Hanger (24oz.)
Flannery Beef Prime Hanger (24oz.)

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Flannery Beef


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Truly one of the most tender cuts of beef (though not necessarily the prettiest), this naturally darker colored steak will deliver a flavor that will rival the rib cap with a more attractive price point. This steak has more names then you can shake a stick at - for years known as the "Butcher Steak."

When chefs discovered them as an inexpensive alternative to the traditional steaks two things happened: first, they got more expensive and second, they acquired a trendy, bistro friendly name and morphed into "Hanger Steak."

Peel away all the layers and you get to the true name, which actually tells you a lot about the steak: “Hanging Tenderloin.” This is because it is second only to the filet mignon in terms of tenderness when compared to the other steaks.