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Flannery Beef Ribeye (12oz.)
Flannery Beef Ribeye (12oz.)

21-day, dry-aged USDA prime ribeye - pan ready!


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Flannery Beef

Origin: California Holstein Beef

The absolute personification of flavor. This stunner will approach the tenderness of the New York Strip; but will deliver a depth of taste that's over the top. While there will be a bit more fat with this steak; it's worth it for the taste.

Contrary to what you might have heard, the best way to determine the cooking time on a steak is by the thickness, rather than the weight. On the grill:

1” – 8 minutes total; 5 and 3

1¼“ – 9 minutes total; 7 and 3

1½“ – 14 to 15 minutes total; 10 and 4

2” – 15 to 18 minutes total; 11 and 5

2½“ – 20 minutes total; 12 and 8

3” – 25 minutes total; with such a thick cut you can really get creative here, and grill on all four sides. Turn the steak in a constant direction, and go 7 minutes on the first and second side, then drop to 5 minutes for the final two sides


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