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French Caviar D'Aquitaine Osetra (30g)
French Caviar D'Aquitaine Osetra (30g)

Appreciated by caviar novices & connoisseurs alike!

Sturgeon Caviar

1 tin

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This premium Osetra caviar is produced by the Prunier caviar masters in the pristine Aquitaine region of France. Traditionally fished from the Caspian Sea, Acipenser gueldenstaedtii (Russian Sturgeons) are now raised by caviar experts in aqua farms all over the world but Prunier has been perfecting the art of caviar since 1872!

After a decade of waiting for the sturgeon to grow into maturity, they produce glistening eggs that are carefully processed and malossol cured. With a color ranging from dark to light amber brown and a pronounced, pleasingly nutty flavor and creaminess, this Osetra caviar is sure to be appreciated by the caviar novice and connoisseur alike. Each tin is handpicked and selected for its color, size, freshness, flavor and texture.