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Israeli Amber Osetra Sturgeon Caviar -30 gram
Israeli Amber Osetra Sturgeon Caviar -30 gram

Decadent and Rich!

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Sturgeon Caviar

Origin: Israeli- Karat Farms

Farm Method: Aquafarm, Fresh River Flow

Description: Caviar Galilee, based in Israel, raise their sturgeon on an all-natural diet of plants and proteins, in pristine waters which originate from the Dan Springs. These idyllic conditions result in sturgeon that produce roe of spectacular quality and pureness.

With a smooth hazelnut flavor, clean finish and firm texture, this is a fine example of an Osetra sturgeon caviar.

Caviar Galilee’s innovative farm was founded in 1992 when a team of aquaculture professionals imported genuine Russian sturgeon directly from the Caspian Sea. The descendants of those sturgeon are raised in conditions that closely match their natural habitat.

Galilee’s operation is located in close proximity to the main source of the Jordan River, the Dan Springs, which flow with crystal clear snow waters from the peaks of Mount Hermon. Caviar Galilee’s aquafarm is one of the world’s foremost technologically advanced and environmentally-focused facilities of its kind. More than 500,000 Caspian sturgeons are raised here in natural, untouched and oxygen-rich water.


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