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Royal White Sturgeon Caviar (30g)

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Royal White Sturgeon Caviar (30g)
Royal White Sturgeon Caviar (30g)

Decadent & Rich!

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Sturgeon Caviar

Origin: Sacramento Delta - Sterling Farm

Farm Method: Recirculated Spring Water Tanks

Description: The White Sturgeon, a species native to the United States, produces striking black roe that has a delicate and creamy flavor.

The lingering and pleasant finish of this caviar will no doubt leave you and your guests wanting more.

Living up to 100 years, mature white sturgeon can reach 20 feet in length and weigh between 1,000 and 2,000 pounds. Now farm-raised in the White Sturgeon’s native California, this sustainably produced caviar has an appearance and flavor similar to the Caspian Sea Osetra. Some refer to it as “California Osetra,” this fresh product is derived from North American sturgeon, raised in aqua farms produced in conformity with all international health, animal welfare and environmental regulations.

Characterized by medium sized grains ranging in color from dark gray to light brown, American White Sturgeon is especially appreciated for its clean, creamy and delicate buttery flavor.


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