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Gentile Linguine (500g)

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Gentile Linguine (500g)
Gentile Linguine (500g)

Made in Gragnano, Italy - the “City of Pasta”


1 bag


Founded in 1876, the Gentile pasta factory is one of the historic artisan factories that made Gragnano, the “City of Pasta,” famous throughout the world. Even today, the Zampino family preserves the traditional methods of craftsmanship using fine Italian semolina enhanced by the ancient, unique drying method.

Gentile pasta is made using the exclusive Italian IGP grain, Senatore Cappelli, from the uncontaminated hills of Basilicata, which guarantees the constant quality of the raw material. The wheat is worked with skill and expertise using the traditional natural drying method and bronze die. This produces the characteristic flavor and tenacity of the pasta in each of the individual shapes.


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