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Suehiro Ponzu Sauce (150ml)

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Suehiro Ponzu Sauce (150ml)
Suehiro Ponzu Sauce (150ml)

Great sauce!


1 bottle

Japanese Pantry

This ponzu that Suehiro makes is top notch! They use a blend of four different Japanese citrus: yuzu for aroma, sudachi for acidity, daidai for sweetness & yukou for mildness. The floral/citrus fragrance of this ponzu is out of this world - it does not stop there as the beautiful flavor of the citrus is balanced by the soy sauce & mirin. This is further elevated by the umami from the Ma Konbu dashi that Suehiro adds to this product.

Use this with raw fish, veggies, mayonnaise (personal favorite), noodles, etc.


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