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Raw Cold Cracked Lobster Meat (8oz. pack)
Raw Cold Cracked Lobster Meat (8oz. pack)

FROZEN - 100% natural, wild-caught

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1 pack

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Cold Cracked is lobster meat in its purest form. It’s raw, all-natural, unadulterated claw knuckle meat, cold-processed in small batches from only the finest raw material, providing chefs with a level of versatility and culinary freedom unlike any other lobster product available on the market. Each pack contains approximately 60% claw/40% knuckle.


Cold Cracked Lobster gives you 100% control over the culinary process. It is shucked raw, packaged, and frozen in the purest possible form, allowing Chefs to start and work with a product that takes to almost any temperature or cooking method – poaching, steaming, deep-frying, sous vide, broiling, sauteing, smoking, grilling, citrus-curing (ceviche), all without sacrificing quality flavor by twice-cooking and denaturing the protein.


Cold Cracked Lobster screams quality and turns back the clock on freshness - it's produced from only the finest live raw material, cold-processed in small batches, carefully inspected, packaged and frozen within 12 hours of harvest. There isn’t another lobster product on the market that consistently delivers flavor and texture like Cold Cracked Lobster from Ready Seafood.