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Fresh Mexican Blue Shrimp
Fresh Mexican Blue Shrimp


Wild Fish


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Benefits of artisan, small boat, co-op based shrimp fishery

Fisherman accountability

● Crew members are co-op members and are therefore accountable to the Sustainable

Fisheries Partnership program.

● Co-op fishermen are logged in at each launch and controlled again at each landing

● All the co-ops and fishermen are audited by a third-party organization that reports to the

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Mexico Roundtable (a US-based NGO).

● All co-op fishermen receive training in safety and sanitation

Environmental Stewardship

● Zero By-Catch: these 2-man boats fish with nets that are laid and retrieved by hand,

therefore avoiding all by-catch. If something does get into the net it can be removed and

let loose alive and unharmed. This is not possible with conventional trawl shrimp.

● Vaquita & Sea Turtle preservation

● No seafloor bottom contact means no scraping of the sea bed

Product Quality

● Shrimp are picked out of the net by hand

● Day boats: these are artisan 2-man panga boats that fish only in the daytime and do not

stay out for days at a time.

● Processed immediately (heads removed, washed and packed) and sent to the US



● Boat-to-Table: Shrimp comes directly from the 2 fishing co-ops to the US

● Independent NGO oversight (Pesca Responsable)

● Members of the international NGO - Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Mexico

Roundtable. This group has a limited membership and is subject to audits, traceability

system verification and strict standards and oversight.

Socio-Economic Impact

● Co-op fishery means no slave labor or unreported activity.

● Full and direct accountability to the coastal community which depends on this activity to


● Generations of fishing families are now finally being recognized, respected and held

accountable for their practices and engagement in the shrimp supply chain.