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SF Halibut Rack Meal Kit for 2
SF Halibut Rack Meal Kit for 2

8oz of delicious halibut...just needs to be heated!!

3 ea left


1 ea

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Chef Prepared Pantry

This is such an exciting and easy meal kit. Simply start your dinner by heating your oven to 350F. Take out your chermoula and set it aside as you will want this at room temp when plating. Place your halibut rack in an oven safe pan and pour over the delicious olive oil and herb mix. Cook for about 8 min or until heated. Warm your seafood sausage pepperonata in a small pot. Place your garlic bread unwrapped in the oven about 4 min (still at 350F) and Wa-lah...plate, serve & enjoy!

Ingredients: Halibut, Pork, Peppers, Garlic, Herbs, Ramps, Crushed Red Pepper, Coriander, Lemon, Butter.

Allergies: Contains dairy, gluten, shellfish, & pork. Nut -Free


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