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Whole Mt. Lassen Trout
Whole Mt. Lassen Trout

butterflied & marinated in a rojo vinaigrette

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Kits and Marinated

Whole Mt. Lassen Trout that is butterflied, marinated in a rojo vinaigrette then frozen. Average weight is about 1.8 lbs. Serves 2. Easy to cook. Just thaw. Cook for 12 min in oven set at 500°. Plate, Serve, Enjoy.

Ingredients: trout, chilis, ginger, scallion, white soy, rice vinegar, lime, agave, sesame oil, canola oil, aged soy, tobasco, rojo spice, garlic, white pepper, schezuan pepper, indonesian long pepper, coriander, star anise, fennel seed.


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