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You can order 2 days in advance. Because of the nature of wild product, we cannot guarantee certain fish will be available for pre-orders. We are often picking up fish the night before for next day delivery. If bad weather comes up, boats break down, or a fisherman strikes out, we may not be able to get the fish you ordered, but we are always able to provide a substitution.

Our delivery hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm for the Bay Area. If you will not be home during those hours, we can leave your fish in a secure spot, like inside an unlocked front gate - just provide any special instructions when ordering. All fish is packed in insulated sleeves with reusable ice packs to ensure it stays cold. 

If there are any problems with your order, please email retail@water2table.com. Our customer service hours are Monday – Saturday, 6:00am – 6:00pm. If there is an emergency and it’s AFTER 6:00pm, you can call Andi at 415.724.1225 and we can help figure out an alternative plan.

We recycle our packaging including boxes, ice packs and tubs. Just leave them outside or note it in your next delivery for pickup. We cannot recycle insulation.

We email a full receipt when we process your order on the day of delivery. You can also email retail@waater2table.com to request a copy of a receipt.

The origin of all our fish is listed on the product list as well as the method of catch. We provide you the closest connection with local fish and fishermen. We battle lack of transparency and honesty every day in this industry. Because we are picking up these fish daily direct from our fishermen, you can be assured the true origin of the fish. 

Fish usually go from fishermen to the receiver in each port. The receivers then sell the fish to wholesalers. Wholesalers then sell to distributors who then deliver to the restaurants. This system often results in restaurants getting their fish 3-5 days after it is caught and possibly more if it sits in inventory at any one of these locations. Water2Table’s Premium Local Fish is picked up directly from fishermen, or at times from other receivers, and delivered directly to your kitchen, which results in the fish arriving to your guests within a day or two of being caught. 

Yes! We can assist you with planning oyster stations, clam bakes and whole fish parties. We can also assist you with finding top SF chefs for private events. 

You can see all of our current delivery zones, pickup areas, schedules, and minimums on our service locations page.


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