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Live Monterey Red Abalone (1/4lb. avg. each)
Live Monterey Red Abalone (1/4lb. avg. each)

A unique local delicacy!

Live Shellfish

1 each

Order by Sunday to get it on Monday

Origin: Monterey, California

Farm Method: Intertidal cage grown

As part of a partnership with Monterey Abalone Company, we are excited to sell live 1/4lbs. Monterey abalone.

To prepare: shuck abalone foot from shell, remove organs and head, rinse in fresh water and place foot in a bowl and refrigerate for one hour. While resting in the bowl, the foot is going to produce some body fluid, juices. Do not discard.

After chilling, slice foot into steaks 1/4 inch thick slices. Place steaks into a zip loc baggie and tenderize by pounding, a few good whacks over every square inch on both sides. Put tenderized steaks back into the bowl with the juices. From here you can flour and sautee, grill or poach.