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So-Cal White Seabass (Fillet)

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So-Cal White Seabass (Fillet)
So-Cal White Seabass (Fillet)

A local delicacy!


1 lb

Local Wild Fish

Origin: Southern California, Monterey, San Francisco.

Catch Method: Hook & Line

Seasonality: Summer, Fall. Very Random.

Sashimi Grade

Notes: Skin on filet

White Seabass is a real delicacy - firm, grey-ish white flesh, they range in size from 10-80 lbs. We have a local, itinerant school that come into SF Bay occasionally and have access to great quality, larger SoCal fish through the early summer into the fall.

Flavor Profile:

Cooking Methods: These fish are great roasted on high heat or steamed until slightly opaque. Fresh, they taste great as a crudo!


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