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WHOLE Baja Kanpachi

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WHOLE Baja Kanpachi
WHOLE Baja Kanpachi

Great Roasted Whole or Served Raw


4 lb

Origin: La Paz, Baja MX

Farm Method: Ocean Pen

Description: Seriola rivoliana (commonly known as Almaco Jack) is a tropical pelagic whitefish found throughout the South Pacific. The flesh is firm, rich, and buttery with a flavor that some describe as a cross between Sablefish and Yellowfin.

Baja Kanpachi can be used in virtually any whitefish dish and is typically much easier to work with. The flesh is rich and oily, which allows for cooking without needing to grease the pan, grill, etc. These same characteristics make it ideal for sushi and sashimi: a delicious stand-alone flavor and a texture that simultaneously melts in your mouth while keeping its overall form.

Whole steaks, grilled fish tacos, or in sushi/sashimi are just a few of the many ways in which this fish can be prepared


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