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Pickering Passage Oysters
Pickering Passage Oysters

Great roasted or served raw!


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Origin: Pickering Passage, WA

Harvest Method: Bag beach grown

A classic Puget Sound beach oyster, Pickering Passage is located in the South Puget Sound region and extends from Case Inlet in the North to Peale and Squaxin Passages and Hammersley Inlet at the southern end. This waterway has a swift current at maximum flood and ebb, flushing the passage rapidly. It's a nutrient rich area that produces oysters that grow very quickly and that tend to have plump, full meats.

They are cultured in the popular bag to beach method, reaching market size in about one year. The flavor begins with a mild saltiness, followed by what’s generally a full sweetness, and finishing with the fruity aftertaste common to pacific oysters.


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