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Washington Med Mussels

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Washington Med Mussels
Washington Med Mussels

Sold whole, live only in shell

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Origin: Puget Sound, Washington

Catch Method: Rope cultured

From the oldest, commercial mussel farm in North America, these mussels have won international mussel taste contests and always tend to amaze! Rope culture grow out systems enable the mussels to grow to harvest size within one year - they typically spawn in the early spring and are therefore wonderful during the summer months and into the winter.

The fast growth rate in the nutrient rich waters insures a firm texture with a flavor sweeter than any other mussels without a trace of sand or grit. Since they grow so fast, the shells are thin and the meats are very full, yielding more mussels per pound and portions per pound than other mussels (approximately 25-30 mussels per pound).

Please note: we hand-sort every bag of shellfish to ensure there are no broken, damaged or dead mussels. Please ensure you remove any open or broken mussels prior to cooking.

Storage: We recommend keeping mussels cold and damp. Placing them in a bowl or colander, with a damp towel overtop and ice above. Mussels cannot be left in any fresh water or they will die.


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